Organizing is more than having acrylic containers in your kitchen or learning how to fold fitted sheets.It's about our particular way of being in this world and functioning in a society, balancing efficiency and comfort under very personal and individual circumstances.Between the rainbow pantry and the hoarding there's a whole range of organization needs, levels and possibilities.It's always possible to make your life easier and more functional, no matter the situation you are in.If you feel there is a mess inside or outside blocking your way, and you're still not sure if a professional organizer could help you, get in touch and we will find out.

What is a professional organizer

Professional organizers think of personalized organizing solutions and systems for physical, digital and immaterial spaces, for individuals and companies.We organize homes, kitchens, cabinets, closets, documents, collections, routines, priorities...We can assist, teach and execute the solutions.The principle of organization is that every object must have its "house", and that's the starting point to develop systems that will work specifically for the people who use that space.Many people know professional organizers from TV shows, but it's important to emphasize that it's not just that. Between The Home Edit and Hoarders there is a wide range of organization levels and possibilities.And very important: we don't throw your stuff away!

My approach

My goal is to make people lives easier, with zero judgment and zero frills.Easier is more important than prettier. We can have both, but my priority is function.Messy homes and chaotic minds are personal and private subjects, and it can be tough to hire someone to see it and deal with it. I know it and I assure you will have zero judgment from me.I have an innate drive for solving, simplifying and reducing, and that's the underlying guideline of all my work. This mindset combined with a straightforward communication allows me to provide a zero frills service.

My organizing services

These are my core services. If you need something more specific, feel free to send me an email!


I organize your home or other physical space that is not serving your current needs. You learn how to avoid clutter, manage your worries and get free time.I make a personalized assessment of your spaces and we implement organization systems to put an end to the mess and keep it from coming back.Physical spaces include (but are not limited to):- Cabinets, closets
- Kitchen, pantry, bathroom
- Garage, storage rooms
- Home offices, bookshelves
- Documents, collections
What is the problem of living inside the mess?You waste time, you waste money buying things you already had but didn't remember, you waste precious space with these things, you can't sort out your tasks and routine, you don't want to go back home at the end of the day because you don't enjoy it.Organizing is different from tidying upIn a tidy house there is no apparent mess but no one can find things when they need it. Tidying up can be just shoving things inside the first closed cabinet you find, but soon the mess comes back and you need to tidy up again.In an organized space each object has its place, it's easily found and easily stored back. You have the most used things at hand and all the other things in sight. You know where things are and you are in control of your home and you time.Consulting: €60/hour
Hands-on: €40/hour


Not only physical spaces can be organized. Most of the immaterial aspects of your life can too:- Priorities
- Schedules
- Daily routines
- Time
- Tasks
- Projects
- Plans
- Trips
- Bills
We can set up a plan for you to follow by yourself or we can keep a regular meeting to make things happen.Neurodivergent livesDifferent kinds of brain deal with organization in different ways. Some neurodivergences can affect heavily our relationship with "normal" adult chores, tasks, dues and overall organization.Some people will simply not be able to follow what the neurotypical world considers "basic and logical" organizing systems. So we have to come up with atypical solutions.No matter what your diagnosis is (or isn't), there's always a way to make your life easier.Consulting: €60/hour
Hands-on, body doubling: €40/hour
Very specific atypical projects, recurrent meetings: I'll craft and discuss a customized offer


Moving can be scary and overwhelming, but it's possible to survive it without major bruisings.When organizing a moving, ideally we plan it way ahead (like 3 months) and I make you a tasks calendar. During the countdown to the big day, I remind you and assist you, remotely or in person, on the needed action items (for example, hiring a new internet provider or taking off the curtains to wash before the moving).Then the real fun begins! We:- Declutter and prepare the current home
- Prepare the new home
- Guide the moving company upon delivery
- Unpack and organize the new home
Your presence is only mandatory during the decluttering as only you know what you're keeping or not. If moving is a real pain for you, you can take a week off to relax while I take care of the moving, and you come back to a functioning house, ready for you to enjoy it and make it a home.Consulting: €60/hour
Hands-on: €40/hour

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I can help you with good old solid simple straightforward and (aiming for) zero frills:- Websites
- Print materials
- Logos and visual identity
- Branding
- Copy reviewing and editing

I can NOT help you with:- Strategy
- Copy writing
- Market analysis
- Benchmarking
- Gen-z stuff

About me

I'm Cecilia, a Brazilian living in Amsterdam since 2014.Being organized was probably my best skill throughout my life and my varied work path.After moving to the Netherlands and having a kid, I knew I didn't want to go back to the corporate world, and reading about the professional organizer career made me realize that it suited me perfectly. I got my training and certification in 2019.I'd be glad to be of any help to you. If you are not sure about whether/when/how/from whom you need help, get in touch and we will find out.Pics of me by Paula Abrahão


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